Support for the Activities of Daily Living in Mason City

You can depend on Spring Harbor for compassionate, individualized home health care services. We work with clients with a wide range of health needs, and we’re skilled in providing comprehensive service to people throughout Mason City, IA. No matter your needs, you can trust us for safe and knowledgeable assistance.

Assistance With Daily Activities

Our staff provides assistance with activities of daily living, including transportation, help with medication, household tasks, food preparation, and other essential duties. It can become harder to do the things you used to do as you grow older, and our home health care professionals are here to support you so you can maintain the independent living that you’re accustomed to.

Elderly Woman with care giver

Appointment Assistance

Spring Harbor provides safe, reliable, and punctual transportation to medical appointments. If desired, we can accompany you to those appointments, and we’ll advocate with your clinicians and pharmacist to ensure you’re receiving the best possible care. You can rely on us for knowledgeable support and service that’s always in your best interest.

Social Activities

Our staff doesn’t only provide personalized home health care—we also offer valuable companionship and emotional support. We focus on building genuine, lasting relationships with our clients and assist with socializing. We believe that social connection is a critical component of overall health, and we want every client to feel engaged and valued. 

Women exercising together

Contact Us Today

If you’ve received a referral for home health care and are wondering what exactly our services involve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Spring Harbor. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and to provide you with more information about what we do. Call us today to speak with a member of our staff.

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